Hi! My name is Rachel.  I work in the television industry in Los Angeles, I’m originally from New Hampshire by way of New Orleans.  I am an eating disorder survivor. Recovery was the biggest adventure I have ever been on.  It tested my willpower, sanity, and personal health.  It is a journey I hope to use to inspire other girls stuck in restrictive cycles of eating who are looking for help.  Your life does not have to be a numbers game forever, recovery is always 100% possible.

I started Ladle By Ladle in 2014 as a recipe blog while I was recovering and then took a two year hiatus, but now I am back to promote recovery, self-acceptance, size equality and respect for all persons.  I want to promote compassionate relationships with food, bodies, and minds within all of you the way I actively do for myself.

“Why Ladle by Ladle?” you’re undoubtedly asking yourself…
Well, I wanted a food/cooking pun for a name and also I am not very good with puns… So “Ladle by Ladle” represents “little by little” the slow and steady approach to healing yourself through food.

I am most active on my Youtube channel where I post 2x a week


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