New Years Resolutions (That Aren’t Weight Loss)

New Years Resolutions.  Every year we see people around this time of year resolve to make a change in the next year, and unfortunately that change usually surrounds weight loss.  Thousands of people determined to shed what they consider unnecessary weight typically through methods that are dangerous manifestations of the corporate, money grubbing, health ignorant, diet culture pervasive in our society.

Instead of resolving to change your beautiful body why not focus on something else this year?  I’ve compiled a few ideas here.

Save Money
This is a great resolution because it’s easy to keep track of.  At the end of the year it’s so gratifying to check your savings account and see your success!  Plus you gain something valuable through it.


School Related
Maybe your aiming to work hard to get into college, or a graduate program.  Maybe you need to focus on getting straight A’s all year.  Achieving academic success is valuable, productive, and a good goal to execute.

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New Hobby
Perhaps you want to start playing an instrument, or learn how to cook, or become really skilled at makeup?  These are all great resolutions to work on!  Starting a skill you’ve always wanted to master is an excellent and worthwhile goal.

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Eco Friendly
You could make the decision to switch to veganism for the earth, the animals, and yourself.  You could work on reducing your trash waste or converting to minimalism.

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Mental Health
You could practice positive self affirmations and body positivity by working to truly love and accept your body for all that it is and all that it does for you.  You could decide to seek help from a therapist, or vow to be more open about your struggles.

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Finally, if you are suffering from an eating disorder this is the year that your resolution is to truly and honestly recover.  No more quasi, no more excuses, no more reasons to wait.  Recovering from an eating disorder started with a NY resolution for me in 2015 and in that year I started Minnie Maud, gained all my weight back, graduated from college, met amazing friends, had unforgettable experiences, started my career, and met my boyfriend.  There is no greater choice than the choice to recover and get your life back.  Make your year 2018.

No matter what your 2017 was like, it’s time to look ahead – and when you pick a resolution (if you even want to) make sure you focus on the things in life that matter, your relationships, your mental health, your personal growth and development and not the things that don’t – your weight, size, or shape.

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Rachel, 25, Badass feminist, Kitchen mess maker, Spanish speaking television buff, Bikram yoga junkie, Buffy Summers wannabe, ED Recovery warrior.

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