Getting Rid Of “Skinny” Clothes

Whether you are recovering from an eating disorder or just learning to love and accept yourself at a higher weight for your own sanity and happiness – most of us are guilty of keeping our old clothes in our closet just in case.

It’s time to stop doing that.

It’s time to get rid of everything too small for you.

I know this isn’t easy. Maybe you have nice expensive clothes or clothes with sentimental value..  I had clothes like that, they also reminded me how thin I once was.  I didn’t want to let go of because a small part of me thought one day I might go back to that weight.

One day I tried to put all of the small clothes back on and cried uncontrollably in my closet when I realized how much weight I had gained.  Even though I had known it and accepted it already – facing that fact again in such a visual way was extraordinarily difficult.  What I ended up doing instead was putting them all in a bag and putting them in a storage closet far away from where I could see them every day.  After a few months, I found the bag and realized I had never missed the clothes or wanted to wear them after all.  So in that one moment of bravery I donated everything.

I realized that just having their presence in my closet was a trigger to my old behavior. It was a signal to myself that one day I may give up on the recovery I worked so hard for and the happiness I earned just to fit into a size 2 again.  But once the clothes were gone for a while I noticed that I stopped having those thoughts while I was getting dressed every day.  I had given up the final reminder of my illness and that allowed me to move forward and on with my life.

A few other awesome things happened too, I got to shop for new clothes in the correct size and I lost the emotional attachment that I once had to clothes.  Now, while clothes are still important to me and a fun way to express my personality and style – I don’t assign emotional value to them like I used to and can prune and curate a more conscious wardrobe for myself.

So here I am to tell you that instead of keeping the clothes you can’t fit in around just get them out of your house as fast as possible.  Once you stop fixating on possibly losing weight again, and let go of the notion that you might ever return to the unhealthy behaviors that made you that thin in the first place you might be surprised to find a brighter, happier, more authentic version of yourself. It’s time to stop fighting to fit into a size 0 and use that space in your brain for more important things.  Don’t worry about losing the weight – just lose the clothes!

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Rachel, 25, Badass feminist, Kitchen mess maker, Spanish speaking television buff, Bikram yoga junkie, Buffy Summers wannabe, ED Recovery warrior.

3 thoughts on “Getting Rid Of “Skinny” Clothes

  1. This was beautiful to watch & read! I’m actually working from home today (early morning doctor’s appointment – ugh), but now I’m def going to multitask and go through my closet without ANY judgements. One of my November Goals was to declutter, but I feel like intentionally getting rid of the clothes I’ve been keeping around waiting for “one day” will give me such freedom!

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  2. Thank you so much for this video. I would really like to be at a point where I can move on from my “skinny” clothes and enjoy the process getting new clothes that fit me now, but I am having trouble knowing what I should where. I think part of the issue comes from the fact that I had my eating disorder for most of my transition into adulthood, so all I know how to shop for is sick/skinny clothing at this point, and I have no idea what I like and what would be flattering at this point. Did you find your style changing at all when you had the chance to get new clothes or have trouble figuring out what kinds of clothes you liked at a healthy weight?

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    1. Hi Claire! My style definitely changed a lot because I was also transitioning into adulthood while I recovered. One thing that was so important for me as I transitioned into wearing new clothes was sticking to stretchy clothes. While I was recovering/the first few months I was recovered I wore TONS of flowy sundresses, like almost everyday I wore them. I don’t usually wear them anymore because I’ve figured out how to wear jeans again and found a new style that works for me. I suggest sticking to loose/flowy/stretchy clothes as a transition point. You can get some basics like that for pretty cheap at F21, H&M, Target etc. and then slowly figure out your style with nice statement pieces that you can collect slowly 🙂


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