The Holy Grail of my kitchen cabinets – No Bake Cookie Butter Cookies


Living in New Hampshire there are a few main stream chains that just haven’t expanded into my tiny little state.  Although we are slowly seeing places such as Whole Foods and Chipotle pop up, they are still few and far between…  One such example of this unfortunate phenomenon is our lack of Trader Joe’s.  My entire extended family is from California so I’ve experienced my fair share of this wonderful food paradise.  However, the closest one to my home is roughly forty minutes away!  That doesn’t mean that I don’t venture out there from time to time, but it’s rare.  Therefore, when I do make the journey to Mecca (sorry, I mean Trader Joe’s) I make sure to stock up on my favorite items. One of which is predictably… cookie butter!

example A: my empty and therefore sad jar
example A: my empty and therefore sad jar

This decadent and addictive cream of joy always seems to be singing at me from the shelf, “RACHEL! I AM RIGHT HERE, STOP PRETENDING YOU’RE NOT GOING TO BUY SEVERAL JARS OF ME!!”  From the aisle I feel compelled to reach forward and take this holy grail of butters.  It’s a very persuasive food product.

So it only seemed right that I incorporate my favorite treat into some baked goods!  I found this recipe on Pinterest and had to halve it because (surprise, surprise) I didn’t have enough cookie butter left in my jar!  This resulted in only ten cookies, though they were ten VERY delicious cookies!  I recommend doubling (or even tripling) what I did, you will not regret it!



The Ingredients:

1/4 cup butter
1/4 cup milk
1 cup sugar
1/4 cup cookie butter
1 1/4 cup oatmeal
1 tsp vanilla

The Method:

1. In a sauce pan, bring butter, milk, and sugar to a boil
2.  Once boiling, remove from heat and mix in cookie butter, oatmeal, and vanilla
3.  Stir to thicken
4.  Drop large spoonfuls on to parchment paper and wait at least 30 minutes for cookies to firm up

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Rachel, 25, Badass feminist, Kitchen mess maker, Spanish speaking television buff, Bikram yoga junkie, Buffy Summers wannabe, ED Recovery warrior.

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