Navigating The Holidays in Recovery This week is American Thanksgiving which means lots of food, and lots of nosy relatives asking you insensitive and intrusive questions.  If you are someone recovering from an eating disorder, any Holiday that is hallmarked by food can be difficult and triggering.  When I was sick I definitely wanted to avoid these situations.  But oftentimes … Continue reading Navigating The Holidays in Recovery


Getting Rid Of “Skinny” Clothes Whether you are recovering from an eating disorder or just learning to love and accept yourself at a higher weight for your own sanity and happiness – most of us are guilty of keeping our old clothes in our closet just in case. It’s time to stop doing that. It’s time to get rid … Continue reading Getting Rid Of “Skinny” Clothes

Diet Myths Busted!

Diets rarely work, they’re based on information perpetuated by companies that are interested in selling products and don’t have the interest of the actual consumer in mind.  Diet culture has taken over our society and it is a harmful trigger to many eating disorders, especially orthorexia.  Here we will take 5 popular diet myths that … Continue reading Diet Myths Busted!

My Vegan Story: Veganism after ED Recovery In the last 2 months I have transitioned to a vegan lifestyle.  While I do think it's possible to recover while being vegan if you are ethically vegan and feel passionately about it, I’m not going to recommend it.  I think a huge part of eating disorder recovery is having the freedom to eat … Continue reading My Vegan Story: Veganism after ED Recovery

Why 3500 Calories?

Before I begin this article/website is where I learned it all. I’ve had a few people reach out to me asking how to eat 3500 calories a day when the mere idea seems impossible.  I've also been asked why is this number the minimum.  These are questions I once remember having and are echoed a … Continue reading Why 3500 Calories?

Relapsing in Recovery – Video

If you don’t feel like watching a video of me ramble about my struggles with relapsing in recovery while speed eating oatmeal then here is an overview: Relapsing in recovery for me is much more nuanced than the obvious physical manifestations. Clearly if there is a retreat back to classic ED behaviors than a relapse … Continue reading Relapsing in Recovery – Video

Sushi Bowl

Here is another recipe video.  This weekend I was craving some sushi and this is my favorite way to eat those flavors!  This recipe is vegan and delicious and can be customized to suit any of your cravings.  Enjoy! Thanks for watching my video! If you liked it, make sure to subscribe to my youtube … Continue reading Sushi Bowl

To Exercise Or Not To Exercise?

That is the question... Should you exercise in recovery?  The short answer is no. For those recovering from disordered relationships to their bodies and food, exercise is a bad idea.  Exercise burns calories and the goal of eating disorder recovery is weight restoration, so doing any exercise to slow or impede this process goes directly … Continue reading To Exercise Or Not To Exercise?